Miksu & Macloud

Makko, T-Low "Ich will"

Miksu and Macloud are respected Berlin-based music producers who have made a name for themselves, particularly in German rap and hip-hop. Through their innovative work, they have supported numerous successful artists, and their music productions are known for their versatility and creativity. Their influence on the German rap scene is significant and has helped shape and further propel it.

„Ich will“ performed by: Miksu/Macloud, makko, t-low

Produktion: Futura Film Club

Regie: Stanislav Borowski

Photograph: Matthias Landenberger

DP: Olivier Moser

AC: Matthias Landenberger

Oberbeleuchter: Eric Odavas

Edit: Stanislav Borowski

Color Grading: Christian Kröhl

Runner: Patrik Stein, Julius von Bose

Kunst im Video: Ivan Gette


Rental: seeyourent